Greg Thielman PT, MSPT, ATC, EdD

Greg Thielman PT, MSPT, EdD, ATC, CSRS

Greg Thielman PT, MSPT, ATC, EdD

Director of Patricia Leahy Research Lab

Professor of Physical Therapy and Neuroscience


BS (Springfield College)

MSPT (Springfield College)

EdD Movement Sciences (Motor Learning) Teachers College (Columbia University)

Research Interests


  • Kinematic Analysis of trunk/upper extremity
  • Consequences of stroke on reaching and the rehabilitative strategies to facilitate recovery
  • Movement and Clinical measure analysis of Therapeutic Interventions to assist individuals Post-Stroke


  • Geriatric and Neurological Practice


Dr. Thielman received his BS and MS in physical therapy from Springfield College and his doctorate in education with a movement sciences focus at Columbia University. He is a certified stroke rehabilitation specialist with interests in both geriatrics and neurology. Dr. Thielman is a member of the American Physical Therapy Association and the National Athletic Trainers Association, and has presented and been published nationally.

Selected Scholarly Activity

Thielman G, Folkins E. Exercise Prescription and Dosing for Individuals with Neurological Disease. In Evidence-Based Therapeutic Exercise Prescription for the Rehabilitation Specialist. Editor Jason Brumitt PhD; F.A. Davis, 2015.

G Thielman, Insights into upper limb kinematics and trunk control one year after Task Related Training in chronic post-stroke individuals Journal of Hand Therapy, J Hand Ther. 2013 Apr-Jun; 26(2):156-61. doi: 10.1016/j.jht.2012.12.003

M Campolo, CA. Maritz,; G Thielman, L Packel An Evaluation of Peer Teaching Across the Curriculum: Student Perspectives IJTRR. 2013; 2(1): 1-7 

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Thielman G., Maritz C., Campolo M. Evidence-Based Practice-How to Move Students from Passive Learners to Active Participants. Journal of Faculty Development, 25 (2); 2011

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Peer Reviewed Presentations:

Thielman G, Duff S, Westlake K. Philadelphia Hand Symposium Annual Conference 2014: The Neurologic Upper Extremity- Neural Plasticity and Implications for Hand Rehabilitation

Thielman G. University of Maryland Rehabilitation Medicine Department- Rehab Science Seminar- Structuring Practice to facilitate use of the Upper Extremity Post Stroke Feb 2014

Thielman G. Magee Rehabilitation Hospital- Therapy Staff Inservice- Update on use of Robotic Therapy for the Upper Limb Post Stroke- May 2014

"Rehabilitation of the Upper Limb Post Stroke: MRI results of a Randomized Controlled Pilot Study": Gregory Thielman(1); Abin Bandyopadhyay(2); Feroze Mohamed(2). 1.- USciences, 2.- Temple University Poster Presentation CSM- San Diego, January, 2013.

Maritz C, Thielman GT, Campolo, M. "How to Prepare Students to Become Evidence Based Practitioners:" Annual Lilly Conference on College and University Teaching, Bethesda, MD, May, 2013.   

What is the Proper Dosing and Prescription for Therapeutic Exercise in Neurological Populations: A Systematic Review of the Literature. Stacey Abraham DPT , Jaimie Thomas DPT Eric Folkins PT, DPT, OCS and Gregory Thielman MSPT, EdD, ATC. PPTA Mini CSM April, 2013.

Rehabilitation of the Upper Limb Post Stroke: Clinical Findings of a Randomized Controlled Pilot Study": Gregory Thielman, Amanda Markward, Brittany Remus; PPTA Mini CSM April, 2013.

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Near-Peer Student Teaching, Poster Presentation: Gregory Thielman, B Scott & R Marek, PPTA 2011

Rehabilitation of Upper Extremity Function After Stroke: Case Series Investigating Virtual Reality using Reotherapy. Poster Presentation- Combined sections Meeting- February 2010.

Rehabilitation of the Upper Limb Post Stroke: One-year Follow-up of a Randomized Controlled Pilot Investigation of Two Types of Trunk Control. Platform Presentation- Combined Sections Meeting- February 2010.

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Thielman GT. Training with Trunk Restraint during Reaching for Individuals Post-Stroke. Poster presentation - III Step Conference. July 2005; Salt Lake City, UT.

Professional Information

  • APTA (Neurology and Research sections)
  • NATA

Funded Projects

“Auditory Feedback Trunk Control for Rehabilitation of The Upper Limb Post-  Stroke: Comparing Robot-Assisted Arm Training to Acitive Arm Training”. Temple University sub-award of NIH R24 –NHLBI (Dr. Mickey Selzer) Center for Experimental Neurorehabilitation Training 2011-2013 for 2 year period, with subaward to Magee Rehabilitation Hospital.

Contact Information

Office location: Glasser Hall Room 107
Mailing address: Box 39
University of Sciences
600 South 43rd Street
Philadelphia, PA 19104-4495
Office Phone: 215.596.8680

g [dot] thielm [at] usciences [dot] edu