Alysson E. Light, PhD

Alysson E. Light

Alysson E. Light PhD

Assistant Professor of Psychology


BA, Sarah Lawrence College

MA, PhD, University of Chicago

Research Interests


Self-regulation and Goal Pursuit

Close relationships

Social support


Dr. Light’s research focuses on the self-concept and self-regulation. One line of research explores factors that contribute to feelings of uncertainty about oneself, with a focus on life experiences and close relationships as sources of either affirmation or doubt regarding the self-concept. In a second line of research, Dr. Light explores how clarity about the self-concept may serve as a resource for self-regulation and goal pursuit, with applications to academic, health, and personal goals. She is currently investigating how social factors, like receiving social support from others, may bolster goal pursuit for people who feel uncertain about themselves and their goals. Dr. Light received her PhD in Social Psychology from the University of Chicago and completed a postdoctoral fellowship at Duke University.

Selected Scholarly Activity

Light, A.E. & Visser, P.S. (2013). The ins and outs of the self: Contrasting role exits and role entries as predictors of self-concept clarity. Self and Identity, 12, 291-306.

Light, A.E. & Fitzsimons, G.M. (2014). Contextualizing marriage as a means and a goal. Psychological Inquiry, 25, 88-94.

Contact Information

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Mailing address: Box 103
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Office Phone: 215-596-8564
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