Kamal Jonnalagadda PhD

S. Kamal Jonnalagadda PhD

Director, Pharmaceutics Graduate Program

Professor of Pharmaceutical Sciences


BPharm (Birla-India)

PhD (Nebraska)

Research Interests

The research focus in our laboratory is the design, characterization, and the modeling of polymeric biomaterials for specific pharmaceutical applications. Applications include: (1) solid dosage forms: polymorphic transitions as a function of excipient concentration, storage (or ageing), and during the different stages of drug formulation, such as mixing, granulation, drying and compression. (2) biodegradable polymeric implants for macromolecular drug delivery and tissue engineering.


Dr. Jonnalagadda earned a Ph.D. from the University of Nebraska and a B.Pharm. from BIT, in India. He studies the design, characterization and modeling of polymeric biomaterials for specific pharmaceutical applications, including solid dosage forms and biodegradable polymeric implants for macromolecular drug delivery and tissue engineering.

Selected Scholarly Activity


Biocompatible hybrid molecular brushes and methods of making same.  Alexander Sidorenko, Sriramakamal Jonnalagadda, Manasi Chawathe.  US Patent Pub. No. US 2020/0109243 A1.  Publication date April 9, 2020.


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S. Jonnalagadda, D. H. Robinson.  A bioresorbable polylactide delivery system for diffusional and osmotic controlled drug delivery.  AAPS Pharm. Sci. Tech., 1:E29, 2000.

Contact Information

Office location: PharmTox (PTC) Building, Room 245
Mailing address: University of Sciences
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Philadelphia, PA 19104-4495
Office Phone: 215.596.8942

k [dot] jonnal [at] usciences [dot] edu