Sergio Freire PhD

Sergio Freire

Sergio Freire PhD

Associate Professor of Physics


MSc (Federal University of Minas Gerais)

PhD (Federal University of Minas Gerais)

Research Interests

The research is focused on two lines of investigation, including the development of platforms based on digital microfluidics for lab-on-a-chip applications, and the characterization of molecular motors, particularly using force microscopy. The activities involve undergraduate students, in a multidisciplinary environment.

Selected Scholarly Activity

Freire, S.L.S.; Thorne, N.; Wutkowski, M.; Dao, S.; “Taking Advantage of Reduced Droplet-Surface Interaction to Optimize Transport of Bioanalytes in Digital Microfluidics”, J. Vis. Res., 93, e52091, doi: 10.3791/52091 (2014)

Freire, S.L.S.; Tanner, B.; “Additive-Free Digital Microfluidics”, Langmuir (29), 9024-9030 (2013)

Freire S.; “Interfaces between Microfluidics and Mass Spectrometry”, Encyclopedia of Micro- and Nanofluidics, Springer, Heidelberg New York, (2013)

Thorne, N.; Lamberto, M.; Mazza, A.; Freire, S.L.S.; "An Alternative Strategy for Fabrication of Robust and Flexible Digital Microfluidic Devices", Pacific Northwest Journal of Undergraduate Research and Creative Activities (2), 1-9 (2011)

Freire, S.L.S.; Yang, H.; Luk, V.; O’Brien, B.; ”Characterizing Electro-osmotic Flow in Parylene Microchannels”, Polymer-Plastics Technology and Engineering (50), 931-936 (2011)

Jebrail, M.J.; Luk, V.N.; Shih, S.C.C.; Fobel, R.; Ng, A.; Yang, H.; Freire, S.L.S; Wheeler, A.R.; “Digital Microfluidics for Automated Proteomic Processing”, J. Vis. Res., 33,, doi: 10.3791/1603 (2009)

Abdelgawad, M.; Freire, S.L.S.; Yang, H.; Wheeler, A.R.; “All-Terrain Droplet Actuation”, Lab Chip (8), 672-677 (2008) (USA)

Freire, S.L.S.; Yang, H.; Wheeler, A.R.; “A Practical Interface for Microfluidics and Nanoelectrospray Mass Spectrometry”, Electrophoresis (29), 1836-1843 (2008) (Germany)

Freire, S.L.S.; Wheeler, A.R.; “Proteome-on-a-Chip: Mirage, or on the Horizon?”, Lab Chip (6), 1415-1423 (2006) (USA)

Contact Information

Mailing address: Box 64
Office Phone: 215.596.8958

s [dot] freire [at] usciences [dot] edu