Elia V. Eschenazi PhD

Elia V. Eschenazi

Chair, Department of Mathematics, Physics and Statistics

Professor of Physics


Doctor of Physics (University of Milan-Italy)

PhD (Drexel)

Research Interests

Chaos and Nonlinear Dynamics, Condensed Matter, Inter -Molecular Forces, Fluidynamics, Colloidal Science, Foundations of Quantum Mechanics, Dynamic Atomic Force Microscopy, Chaotic Dynamics in Neural Science and Brain Physics, Physics Education.


Selected Scholarly Activity

J. Fu, E.V. Eschenazi, and K. Papadopoulos, Conditional Random Surveying for Particle Deposition on a Mica Surface, Microscopy and Microanalysis, 13,358-364, (2007).
B. Rout, A.D. Dymnikov, D. P. Zachry, E.V. Eschenazi, Y.Q. Wang, R.R. Greco, G. Glass, High Energy Heavy Ion Beam Lithography in Silicon, Nuclear Instrumentation and Methods B, 261,731-734, (2007).
M. Gibbs, E.Eschenazi and K. Papadopoulos, AFM of iron oxide particles attachment on mica, Journal of Dispersion Science and Technology, Vol 25, 6,1-7, (2004).

Recent Grants as PI :

NSF / MRI:   Acquisition of an Atomic Force Microscope System to Further Research and Educational Goals of the University of the Sciences in Philadelphia. Amount Funded: $ 233,053

Contact Information

Office location: McNeil Science and Technology Center Room 242
Mailing address: Box 64
University of Sciences
600 South 43rd Street
Philadelphia, PA 19104-4495
Office Phone: 215.596.8707

e [dot] eschen [at] usciences [dot] edu